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The Mt. Swansea Road is now open and it was great to see several families and pilots already taking advantage of it.
Even the Dusky Grouse enjoyed the great view and was getting ready to fly as well.

Spring started early this year.Here are a couple video clips of our local flying site (Mt. Swansea) and some cool view’s of the icy lake.

Flight with camera in the wing

Flight with extended camera
Adrian Bergles (President of the Columbia Valley Cycling Society, in the middle) spear headed a big grant for mountain biking, paragliders/hang-gliders, hikers (including hiking to the launch site) for Mt. Swansea. Last Sunday Kootenay–Columbia MP David Wilks (on the right) announced $57.775.00 in Western Diversification Community Infrastructure Improvement Funding to the Columbia Valley Cycling Society for improvements to the trail and flying infrastructure at Mt. Swansea. This represents 50% of the entire grant — the rest of which will be made up by the Columbia Basin Trust (25%), the British Columbia Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BCHPA) and a number of other partners. As the mountain is a major hub for cyclists, hikers, and paragliders/hang gliders, this project will mark a tremendous improvement in recreational infrastructure in the Columbia Valley. It illustrates the collaborative approach the cycling society strives for in its back country recreation and land access projects. From the flying perspective, we will be improving the north and south launch sites, setting up a weather station and installing 2 webcams, which will help pilots see the flying conditions before heading up and

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