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Ultralight Hang Glider Trike Discovery Flight

Flying over the Columbia Valley wetlands and Lake Windemere is simply an unforgettable experience. There are no prerequisites or requirements to enjoy this initial flight except for the desire to experience something new, exciting and addictive. This is a hand on experience so you will have a pre-briefing before the flight to understand the aerodynamics and weather affecting the aircraft

Note, we are 100% wind and weather dependent and prefer to start in the early morning as there is a tendency of stronger winds later in the day.

$195.00 -20 min Discovery flight
$245.00 -30 min Discovery flight
$345.00 -60 min Discovery flight

$49/flight – GoPro video on SD card

Send request to 

*passenger up to 220 lpb

How things work:

  • Flights will be confirmed the evening before based on the latest weather forecast.
  • If the weather is good, we meet at Hangar 5 at the Invermere airport (parking on the end of the hangars) for a weather and safety briefing, which will take about 15-20 minutes.

We supply:

  • A helmet
  • We do have a GoPro mount on the wing for your own GoPro or action camera.

Trike flying is HIGHLY addictive and might result in STRONG DEPENDENCE TO THE SPORT…