Fly like a bird from Mt. Swansea into the Columbia Valley

Like to enjoy the views of the Purcell Mountains in the west and the Rocky Mountains in the East and like to fly and learn how to paraglide? We will introduce you to paragliding with a tandem flight from Mt. Swansea into the Columbia Valley overlooking Lake Windermere and the Columbia River Wetlands.
Cost: $355.00 + GST

Weather permitting, the flight can last between 10 to 25 minutes.

  • This flight will include the drive up to Mt. Swansea
  • The whole event will take about 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Passenger can not be over 220 pounds or 100 kg
  • Available from June to October

Note, we are 100% wind and weather dependent and prefer to start in the morning around 9:00 am as there is a tendency of stronger winds in the afternoon.

Send request to 

How things work:

  • Flights will be confirmed the evening before based on the latest weather forecast.
  • If the weather is good, we meet the Mt. Swansea landing site for for a weather and safety briefing.
  • Once the waivers are signed and weather looks good we transport you to the upper parking lot of Mt. Swansea with our 4×4 truck (it takes around 30 minutes).
  • From the upper parking lot we have to hike about 15 minutes to the summit (100 meter elevation gain).

You need to bring:

You need some good shoes, ideally hiking boots, a windproof jacket, sunglasses.

We supply:

  • A helmet
    OR bring your own ski helmet.
  • A selfie-stick to film your self and the flight with your or our GoPro camera
  • If we film with our GoPro, we upload the video to your phone.

Paragliding is HIGHLY addictive and might result in STRONG DEPENDENCE TO THE SPORT…

Tandem flights with ski’s from Panorama Mountain resort

Skiing at Panorama Mountain Resort?

Take the best seat of the house to see Mt. Nelson, the 1000 peaks, the ski resort and get a hands-on introduction lesson to paragliding at the same time.

Cost: $220.00 + GST

  • This does not include the ski ticket
  • Available during the ski season only
  • The passenger up to 220 pounds
  • Skiers only, sorry, no snowboards.
  • For more details e-mail or call up 250 270 0396

Paragliding is HIGHLY addictive and might result in STRONG DEPENDENCE TO THE SPORT… 


Tandem paragliding above Panorama: a first-timer’s first-hand account

By Nicole Trigg – Pioneer Staff
When I was a kid, I dreamed I would one day fly, Up from the swing set And into the sky…

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