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Max flying in the rockies
We still had a lot of snow in May. The weather was very unstable and had very strong conditions. I got a couple nice flights in which was great to get used the new “Advance Lightness” harness. It took me a while to get it set up right. Flying with it is very comfortable and it took a couple flights to get used to it. I am very happy with it and the combination with the backpack is a very good combination.

Overall training went very well and adding the Invermere Fitness Centre aerobic and yoga sessions rounded up the whole training. Penny is in a very good shape as well.
Last weekend she did a 25 km trail run at Nippika and she came in 4th overall and 2nd in her age group. That is very good considering she run 27 km as she got lost in the first 10 km.

Last week I did the mistake by overstretching my back which resulted into some muscle spasm which forced me to slow down for half a week. Noting was lost in this week as I spend more time with Google maps to study the route.

launch in hip deep snowNow I am getting ready to pack up my stuff as I will fly to Munich in a couple of days. Penny and the kids will follow June 29th and I miss them already.

Copper Point Resort Invermere
What a surprise…. Copper Point Resort had its first opening day on Friday May 27th and gave us a $2000 check to support Team Canada for the We flew with BobbyJo (Marketing and Sales Manager) off Mt. Swansea and landed right beside the resort where we received the cheque. Pretty cool, would love to do more tandem flights like that!
While we packed up we also had the chance to greet the first hotel guest checking in.
Landing with BobbyJo at Copperside Golf courseOnce you get into the area, check out the new resort, which is amazing and impressive, or check out their website at,.
Thanks again Copper Point Resort, we do appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone who donated items for the silent auction and to all our great friends who came to the party.
Wow, that was a great one. We had about 150 people show up and everyone seemed to have had a blast.
On Saturday morning about 10 people hiked up Mt. Swansea (4 from the house and the rest from half way up the mountain). The flying conditions were not good at all as we had very strong SE gusting winds. No problem though, we just had a reason to start the party earlier as planned, and all of us had a nice hike down together.
Thanks again to Frank and Tracye for hosting the party at their house., and welcoming so many people to their home. Thanks also to Brian and Judy, Tracye’s parents for all their help and hard work throughout the day and the evening, and to Brad for keeping the barbecuing going, and to Sarah for all her hard work with the silent auction. The best babysitter for the kids was the bouncy castle which Frank and Tracye organized. And a big thanks to Cheri for face-painting so many excited kids. The faces were just awesome.  Also a huge thanks to everyone else who helped out to make the whole day such a great experience.

The party (BBQ and Silent auction) brought in just over $7000.00, which is amazing and a huge wow. We knew before applying how much money this race would cost us (about $20.000), but it is amazing how much support we received from the community willing and wanting to help us with our endeavour. See the list of supporters at

Check out the pictures (thanks Kathy Tam as she did most of the pictures) and everyone else who has some pictures, please load them up as well.