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The summer of 2019 here in the Canadian Rockies was rather interesting with the broken up jetstream and unstable weather patterns.
Besides the unstable and wet summer, we did have a couple very good flying days and pilots who took advantage of it were rewarded with some very impressive flights.

In regards to flying events, the weather made the same impact as described above. The “Willi” in Golden had 4 non flying days in a row, but also a couple of very good days, which produced some spectacular flights.
The also had a struggle. First with the not so positive weather forecast, followed by a rainy morning, but lead into a “Sunny & Hot” couple hours with ideal flying conditions, enabling the pilots to get one flight in.

There are a couple more flying events coming up. One is “the Inaugural Fernie fly in” September 6-7, which sounds like a lot of fun and we plan to be there! See details at their facebook page.

The other event is a “PPG Valley Cruise” (others call it the “Silly PPG in the Valley”, October 12-13.
We plan to fly from the Invermere Airport to Fairmont Hot Springs and land on the 6000 feet long runway (hope it is long enough ;)), then taking a complimentary shuttle to the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort for brunch. Once back on the airstrip we plan to explore the area south of Fairmont and fly over Columbia Lake.
The day after we plan to fly from Invermere to Radium Hot Springs to explore the wetlands.

Here is a 360 video flying over the Radium Hot Springs wetlands and over the new Radium River Access points, note the Radium Airport in the video.
Does this look like a nice area to fly your PPG or what?