Not flown much and need a refresher? 

This course will be customized to you or your groups needs to get you back into the saddle or to where you left your course with. 

Or are you looking for a
Introduction to Paragliding Workshop? 

IMAG00594 hours duration
$315.00/person with a minimum of 2 people
$510.00 for one person
* you safe $90 if your bring your own flying gear

The best way to experience paragliding is join us on an Introductory Paragliding Course.
This is your introduction into the world of paragliding and will have you flying in no time.

This is 4 hour course is a introduction to the sport by learning how the glider works and learning to control the glider on the ground.
Depending on your progress we will include a small flight from our 40 meter practice hill to get you off the ground and give you an idea of how it feels being in the air.

This course will allow you to get a better understanding of the details involved and with this understanding, clarify whether the desire is there to commit to getting your full Novice rating which will give you the the skills and confidence to fly without supervision.

What you will need:

  • Good solid footwear
  • Clothing suitable for the weather of the day
  • Sunglasses are a good idea
  • Sunscreen suggested
  • Optional, bring your own helmet… like a ski helmet.
  • A willingness to experience the best that life has to offer!

For anyone still not sure if this sport is for you…
Tandem paragliding flights will be available at a discount for anyone taking the introduction to Paragliding course. Weather permitting, tandem flights may be booked immediately following the intro course on the the same day or evening.


call or email to set up a date 
phone: 250 270 0396