Dreaming of being able to fly away from the local flying site?

  • You can maintain in thermals on site.
  • You are autonomous on takeoff and landing.
  • You are able maintain and fly for approx 1 hour.
  • You fly with a A or B wing.
  • You have completed some small XCs of 20km or less

Having gained some basic pilotage, thermalling and decision making skills; we begin to connect the dots, acquiring greater knowledge and confidence as well as accessing greater distances.

Objectives of the course:

  • With the confidence of leaving the hill, we learn to be as analytical as possible with our decisions, understanding observation & application and building our efficiency.
  • Greater understanding of the alpine flying environment: Understanding what to look for in the forecast for an “epic” day, as well as constantly evaluating conditions in flight to make the most of our day.
  • Building and mastering of fundamental aspects of psychology of paragliding: The ability to analyse our personal flying psychology and how to optimize it through our body language and various mental exercises is crucial to maximize our available flying bandwidth


2 days
Aug 6-7 2020
$450.00 each
*Clinic does not include gear

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