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The 2018/2019 Panorama Paragliding season has started.
If you plan to fly at Panorama, simply read the Panorama paragliding guidelines , then send me an e-mail with your HPAC number (including valid until date) and your paragliding level of experience to, in order to get the Panorama Paragliding waiver form. This form is required for you to get you special priced Panorama “ski/flying” ticket from guest services. For first time paraglider pilots to Panorama, we will need to set up a meeting prior to your first flight for an orientation of the take off/landing spots and review the rules.

Happy Holidays and all the best for 2019!
Max & Penny

Last weekend we hosted a PPG weekend here in Invermere. We had a total of 5 pilots show up and the weather turned out to be just great.

Friday late afternoon, we had the pilots flying around Invermere and Mt. Swansea. Saturday we flew to Radium and back over the wetlands and on Sunday we flew from Invermere to Fairmont Hot Springs and landed on the 6000 feet long runway.

Fairmont was amazing. Fairmont Resort picked us up at the airport, and shuttled us up to the resort for brunch. They later drove us back to the airport, where we took off again and flew back to Invermere.

All in all it was a very fun weekend and we will be hosting more of them in the future. We are also considering offering a PPG airport and radio procedures workshop for pilots who are not used to flying near, or to, airports.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up!

Here are a couple more pictures for those who  like to see more.

Happy Canada Day!

We had an amazing day today, the kids were in the parade with the Windermere Valley Sallde Club, Penny with and and I was lucky enough to watch everything from the air from my Quicksilver S2.

SIV stands for ‘Simulated Incident in Flight’ – as the saying goes, plan for the worst and hope for the best. This clinic helps give pilots old and new greater awareness of their wing and how to handle a variety of events that may occur when flying. SIV Clinics increase a pilot’s confidence and open a new dimension of flying a paraglider.

Date: June 9th -10th, 2018
Location: Whitetail Lake, BC
Instructors: Max Fanderl & Patric Stettler

This unique opportunity to learn the dynamics and limits of your wing will be held at the beautiful private flying site of Whitetail Lake in BC. This site offers a generous amount of height to practice maneuvers over the safety of water. There will be two instructors and a safety boat onsite.

Supervised flights and P2 maneuvers

This course is for P1 pilots wanting to do some of their 25 supervised flights, and includes theory in risk management  and preparation for the P2 exam. There will be an opportunity to challenge your P2 exam upon completion of the required flights.
It is also for all pilots who would like to get warmed up for the season and maybe try, and work on more maneuvers, than they are currently comfortable with, over water.

The maneuvers you will learn and practice are:

  • Big ears
  • Asymmetric collapse
  • Pitch control (dolphin)
  • Rolls and intro to wing overs
  • Fast eight

$240 for the weekend if pre booked
$360 for the weekend if booked after June 1


SIV –  ‘Simulated Incident in Flight’ (No Acro)

This course is for all pilots with a P2 or higher looking for experience. It is a perfect chance to practice these maneuvers in a safe environment. In this course, pilots will learn correct terminologies for basic maneuvers and correct actions to take in the event of a risky situation.

  • Front stall
  • Asymmetric collapse (30%,50% 75%)
    • Asymmetric collapse spiral dive
  • Spiral dive
    • Asymmetric Spiral
  • Rolling and wing overs
  • Practicing your own maneuvers

 $500 for the weekend if pre booked
$600 for the weekend if booked after June 1

Current HPAC insurance/membership, Reserve, life jacket (if you do not have one, let us know), hook knife (we sell them for $25), FRS/GMRS Family Radios.



$20 a night per tent and $30 a night per trailer


**There is a limited number of spots for this event. To secure your spot, you must make a down payment of $200 prior to arrival and the full payment upon arrival. All payments can be made via e-transfer to: ( There is a $200 non-refundable charge, if cancelled after June 1 2018. We reserve the right to send any participant home, who does not follow instructions, putting themselves or others in danger.

For more information, email:



Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2018 from our family (Max, Penny, Katia & Erik) to everyone who knows us.
2017 has been a very good year for us and we like to thank everyone who has been a part of it. This does not only mean business, it means everyone who has been a part of our life’s.

In the mean time, here are a couple pictures and videos of the last couple days at Panorama.










– SIV over Lake Annecy,
– Festival at Coupe Icare – St. Hilare,
– Flying in the Dolomites and staying at a 5 star hotel,
– Flying in the Bavarian Alps
– and parting at the Oktoberfest in Munich with style.

This is pretty much what it was in short.
“Most asked question was, how many days could you fly… answer, 
Out of the whole trip, which was 2.5 weeks, 2 days we were not flyable.”

The tour started in Geneva, Switzerland and I picked up the Canadians with a 9 passanger van. About an hour later, we arrived at the campsite which is right at the south end of Lake Annecey and right next to the SIV landing site.

The day we arrived at the camp we got a very warm welcome from Christa and Juergen (owners of the Flight school  Juergen offered to drive us up to the launch site, from where we were we were able to see the magnificent views over lake Annecy, followed by a one hour thermal flight. Not a bad start for the first day!

The next day (Sunday) the SIV started with checking the equipment, going through the protocols of the SIV and social/food/drink program. You can sign up in the camp to get breakfast and dinner within the program or simply go out for dinners. For accommodations you can bring your tent or rent a trailer/cabin to stay in.
The SIV program was jam packed with flights and instructions. We flew every day (except one day) and every pilot was working on their own program and goals.
Thanks again to Christa Vogel and Juergen Kraus, who mad us all feel so welcome and put on such an fantastic course.

On Friday we drove to St. Hilare to the Coupe Icare which took about 1.5 hours. We set up our tents and then joined the fantastic activities and shows until Sunday. It is hard to describe the Coupe Icare, and the only way to understand it all is to be there! John described it as  “almost an overload of flying activities”. Whether you looked into the sky or on the ground, there was always something going on.

Sunday was our last day at Coupe Icare which we finished with a morning flight and then drove 8 hours to the Dolomite’s in Italy.

The first night we spent in Sillian and on Monday we all met at for the pilots/welcome meeting. Right after, on our way to the hotel, we had our first flight at Monte Pinao (next to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo). Later that day we arrived at our base camp Hotel Olympia, which is a very friendly 5 star hotel in Araba, right in the middle of the Dolomite’s. Accommodations include a European breakfast buffet and a 5 course dinner, if you planned to come to lose weight, that is the wrong place to be.
We were able to fly every day in the Dolomite’s, with some days flying for hours over the Marmolada Glacier, Langkofel, Sella and the Rosengarten. Again, words and pictures will not do justice, you need to be there yourself to understand.

After the Dolomite’s we were headed to the Bavarian Alps, with our basecamp in Pfronten. We only stayed there for 2 full days with one rain day and one day for flying at the Neunerkoeplfe and at Hannenkam. The rain day was a great experience on its own, as we ended up at a local street fest which gave us the opportunity to get dressed up for the Octoberfest in Munich.

On our last day, we traveled in the morning to Munich (1.5 hours) and spent the day and night at the Oktoberfest and I think I do not need to write about the fun we had there.

All in all, it was a great trip, awesome people, learned lots, flew a lot, lots of laughs and gained a lot of new friends.

More pictures about the tour at 



The last couple of days, Penny and I have been talking lots about the upcoming xAlps, starting in a couple of days! We have lots and lots of great memories. What is going on there right now? … everyone is now in Fuschel am See, checking in, going through the safety and race meetings, working on the final touches of their gear, going over the route again and again, meeting fellow pilots, supporters, photographers, runners, and you name it…. It is a huge family!

We feel very privileged to have competed 4 times in the race. The xAlps helped shape us into who we are, how our relationship evolved, and what our family is today.

Yes, we would love to participate again, but we also know how much commitment it takes to be there and we are now at a different chapter of our lives. We created lifelong friendships over the years of racing, and we learned a lot, but it was time to move on, and pursue other goals and adventures in our lives.

Our thoughts are with everyone there, as well as Hannes’s family and friends, being the first race without him. It won’t be the same, and he will be sorely missed.

Penny, the kids and I wish all of the xAlps teams, the competitors and supporters, and everyone involved in the race, all the best, good health, and a lot of fun, in the very unique and personal adventure of the 2017 Redbull X-Alps!!! (



The College of the Rockies is again offering a Paragliding introductory weekend and a P1/P2 flying and ground-school course here in Invermere, BC.

Paragliding Intro weekends at

Paragliding P1 and P2 ground-school weekend at

To find out in how to get your P2 rating, follow the link to 

We are also planning to run again a P3 workshop like we did 2 weeks ago and a XC thermal course to get everyone ready for their XC flights before the XC season starts.

Also, stay tuned to see the schedule of our PPG course this year or send me an e-mail to work on dates which would work for you.

See you in the sky!

This year is a fantastic snow year here at Panorama. At the same time we had so far an incredible year of flying. Andy logged over 50 flights in 2.5 month and I have not even counted how many tandems I have done this season.

Thanks again to Panorama Mountain Resort and all their staff for this awesome season and to make this place so special!

Next weekend we have our 21st annual Easter meet  at Panorama Mountain Resort and so far the weather forecast is looking pretty promising and I am sure it will be a lot of fun again.
If you can, book your room and come for the good flying and socials we have.
If you like to rough it in a outfitter cabin, contact Brent and Tanya to arrange for a bed in their cabins.

See you in the sky and happy landings,
Max & Penny




The 2016/2017 ski season at Panorama resort is open and has been since Dec 9th. The flying season will be open once the Sunbird Chair is in operation. Currently Panorama is working on the ski runs to open the terrain to our landing site. Once this is in place, Panorama will open up the Sunbird chair lift which is needed to get you from the landing site back on top of the mountain.
It sounds like this should happen in the next couple of days, but until then, there is no flying at Panorama as of yet.

Once again, for this season, Panorama is very supportive of pilots with a special fly/ski ticket this year.
Please keep in mind that this special day pass is for pilots who are going to fly only! If you are at the take-off site and it is not good to fly, you can leave your wing at the launch site and ski until the conditions improve. Please do not abuse this special deal, or we will be in jeopardy of losing this privilege.

The take-off and landing is the same as the years before.

Please respect the following points:

  • No flying over the bottom high-speed Chair (Mile 1 Quad) area at all (see picture below)
  • No landings at the village. Only land on designated landing site or on Golf course if it gets to windy.
  • No launches after 3:00 pm
  • Cross lifts with at least 150 feet
  • Pilots need to have skis or a snowboard to get a ride with the lift
  • Contact RK Heliski before you head up the Mountain at 250 342-3889.
    This is just to let them know we are flying as they will inform their pilots of the activities.

Here is what you need to be able to fly at Panorama: 

  • Novice Rating (P2 rating)
  • HPAC Liability Insurance
  • NO Speedwing flying, Paragliding only
  • Access to launch sites only possible with skies or snowboard.
  • All pilots to sign the 2016/2017 waiver
  • Pilots are required to get in touch with Max Fanderl ( to get the waiver forms
    • Send your HPAC membership number, expiry date and rating

More details at

Seasons greetings and happy landings

Max, Penny & the kids