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Hike & Fly at Mt Pinto.
The takeoff site was tight and we had most of the time a 90 degree crosswind. Patience and determination paid off in the end.

Thanks to Brett Kissel and Brett Wilson for the Columbia Valley Community Foundation fundraiser concert on Lake Windermere.

This was a cold and wet spring, which did not slow us down too much to get into the air.
Between flying the Cessna, the new trike, paragliding and new students.

The last couple of weeks have been busy at Panorama Resort.
Flying with new students, the Easter meet and presenting the HPAC “Solid Ground” Award to Panorama (to Patrick Fournier).
This years winners are Chris Wilson, Andy Schoene and Skye Lybbert.
Thanks again to Panorama and looking forward to the next season!

This week there are the FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championships at Panorama Mountain Resort and here is a video of the downhill and super G course.

Panorama Mountain Resort is now open for paragliding as well.
As usual, please read and follow all the requirements you need to fly at Panorama at
Looking forward to a great season in the air, on the slopes and on the Nordic tracks!
Seasons Greetings and all the best
Max & Penny

Nothing better than flying over the Bugaboos in the fall… actually any time.

The water levels are low and we are planning to do a couple SIV’s over Lake Windermere this fall.
Here is our first tow and I got about 800 meters above the lake.

Never get tired flying over Lake Windermere and checking out Invermere with Penny.

Beautiful morning for tandem flights!

Interested in lessons, check out

In the meantime he Flying Realtor of the Columbia Valley is working hard to get a good view of whats happening in the valley!

Thanks for filming Kris.