I am back from Brazil… 9 days, great experience, lots of flying, great food and people.

I was not ready for this at all and would have never done this if the kids would not have insisted on accepting the invitation from Frank.

Frank Kernick, who is a long time family friend, is the one who connected Penny and me and the kids call him “Uncle Frank”

Frank was already in Brazil and sent me a business class ticket to join him on his paragliding trip to join him.

I started the trip down south by Floripa flying along the coast and interior mountains, then traveling to the mountains NorthEast of Sao Paulo and then driving and flying in Rio de Janeiro.

Frank was very aware of what the weather was doing and that is why we traveled to different places… he is an amazing tour guide and did all the drinking for me as well. Thanks again Frank!

For me it was very hard to go to the airport without Penny… It felt so strange and very emotional. The hardest and most emotional day was Penny’s birthday by waking up with a beautiful sunrise. I was able to fly at 2 different coastal sites for hours that day… felt like she was with me all along.

As to the kids, both are doing well considering the circumstances.

Katia is back working at Panorama and has a lot of support and fun with her colleagues and friends. Thanks again to Stacy and her family for having their house open anytime for Katia and treating her as one of their own.

Erik is busy in North Vancouver with school and Hockey. Thanks to a very helpful and supporting team, coaches and a huge thank you to Erik’s billet family Terri, Steve, Logan and billet brother Jaxon, simply outstanding.

I, and maybe Katia, will be going to Penticton March 13-17 to watch Erik’s play-offs. Erik will come home with me/us after the playoffs for a week or so. We plan to do some skiing or other activities together as a family… Life goes on and we do feel and know that Penny is always with us, like a guardian angel and smiling when she can watch us living life with the spirit she showed us.

For those who want to see more of the pictures, I do have a album at