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Flying over the Radium wetlands between the clouds…. Like a dream!

My new setup as the Weightless harness from Advance and the Maestro 2 light from PHI
So much fun and performance!

Nice Sunday morning flight over Lake Windermere.

This was just a couple days ago and Penny Powers is just ahead of me.
It will now be 10 years when we did the Red Bull X-Alps the last time…. we did it 4 times in total.
We will be cheering for the Canadian James Elliott and every other participant. Stay safe, fly high and far!

The Mt. Swansea Road is now open and it was great to see several families and pilots already taking advantage of it.
Even the Dusky Grouse enjoyed the great view and was getting ready to fly as well.

Besides Paragliding and trike flying in the winter, flying the Cessna to Lethbridge is a nice change of view

Here is how Penny and Max launched into the new year.