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Here is a video of our recent SIV workshop held last week at Whitetail Lake.
Lots of happy faces!
From SIV flights/lessons, building up everyone’s flying skills and confidence, to big thermal flights, viewing Columbia Lake, Whitetail Lake and Lake Windermere below…Just spectacular!

Thanks to everyone who participated, both pilots and all our helpers, for making this such a fun and safe event. Also a big thank you to the DuBois family and Royal Antler Ranch for letting us use their beautiful properties.

The air in the Rockies can be crazy and bumpy… just like we have currently going on with the current Worlds situation.
This time the air was nice and magnificent…. ahhh I needed this kind of flight!
Looking forward for more.

Merry Christmas and all the best from the Fanderl/Powers gang.
We were able to do our annual Christmas flying again at .
Looking forward to another great flying season at Panorama!

Thank you for a great 2019 season!
If you are still looking for the perfect Christmas gift, a Paragliding tandem flight or paddling gift certificate is your answer.
Season Greetings and all the best from the whole team!

This year I created a 3D video of the Columbia River from Invermere to Radium Hot Springs.
The main reason for this video is to give our paddle customers at a better idea of the Columbia River wetlands and river system.
Have fun checking out the views!

The summer of 2019 here in the Canadian Rockies was rather interesting with the broken up jetstream and unstable weather patterns.
Besides the unstable and wet summer, we did have a couple very good flying days and pilots who took advantage of it were rewarded with some very impressive flights.

In regards to flying events, the weather made the same impact as described above. The “Willi” in Golden had 4 non flying days in a row, but also a couple of very good days, which produced some spectacular flights.
The also had a struggle. First with the not so positive weather forecast, followed by a rainy morning, but lead into a “Sunny & Hot” couple hours with ideal flying conditions, enabling the pilots to get one flight in.

There are a couple more flying events coming up. One is “the Inaugural Fernie fly in” September 6-7, which sounds like a lot of fun and we plan to be there! See details at their facebook page.

The other event is a “PPG Valley Cruise” (others call it the “Silly PPG in the Valley”, October 12-13.
We plan to fly from the Invermere Airport to Fairmont Hot Springs and land on the 6000 feet long runway (hope it is long enough ;)), then taking a complimentary shuttle to the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort for brunch. Once back on the airstrip we plan to explore the area south of Fairmont and fly over Columbia Lake.
The day after we plan to fly from Invermere to Radium Hot Springs to explore the wetlands.

Here is a 360 video flying over the Radium Hot Springs wetlands and over the new Radium River Access points, note the Radium Airport in the video.
Does this look like a nice area to fly your PPG or what?

This unique opportunity to learn the dynamics and limits of your wing will be held at the beautiful private flying site of Whitetail Lake in BC. This site offers a generous amount of height to practice maneuvers over the safety of water. There will be two landing sites (one near the water and the big field), two instructors and a safety boat onsite.

3 day Supervised flights and P2 maneuvers

Date: July 5th -7th, 2019
Location: Whitetail Lake, BC
Instructors: Max Fanderl & Adrian Pery

This course is for P1 pilots wanting to do some of their 25 supersized flights, and includes theory in risk management  and preparation for the P2 exam. There will be an opportunity to challenge your P2 exam upon completion of the required flights.
It is also for all other pilots (P2/P3) who would like to get warmed up for the season and maybe try, and work on more maneuvers, than they are currently comfortable with.

The maneuvers you will learn and practice are:

  • Big ears
  • “Small” Asymmetric collapse
  • Pitch control (dolphin)
  • Rolls and intro to wing overs
  • Fast eight

P1 Pilots
for Friday to Sunday or $200/day
P2 Pilots
for Friday to Sunday or $150/day
If you book and pay before June 17 save 10%  

Active flying SIV & Freestyle course

Date: July 4th -7th, 2019
Location: Whitetail Lake, BC
Instructors: Max Fanderl & Kirs Chasse

This course targeted for:

  • Occasional pilots, beginners and ambitious amateur pilots.
  • Freestyle pilots.

S.I.V. – Simulating Situations in Flight gives the pilot a dynamic reaction to recover his/her paraglider to normal flight from unexpected situation, with an instructor’s guidance. The aim for that, preparing the pilot to react properly to an unexpected or dangerous situation while flying.

The main purpose of this course is working on all the basic simulated situations you can have in flight and decent techniques. Once these are mastered you can progress to fly and practice the full stall which will allow you to evolve into freestyle/acro flying.

We are supplying a manual and syllabus about the SIV and freestyle maneuvers.

Ground school

Every pilot, weather it is your first time or you have done the SIV and progressed to a Freestyle pilot, you will need to go through our Intro and safety briefing on Thursday morning (8:00 am).

After the first briefings, we will check the equipment and harness and will do another indoor lesson about SIV flying tasks and creating a program for each participant.

Onsite lessons

After all the Ground school sessions we will head out to Whitetail Lake and will get started with some regular flights at Whitetail Lake. We plan to film all the launches and do some video analysis later in the afternoon/evening.

In the evening of the first day we will create for each pilot their own program to get to what they want to achieve in this course.

The next 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) we will start with a morning briefing at 7:00 am and do about 3-4 flights until noon’ish and do the video analysis in the afternoon.

  • Front stall
  • Asymmetric collapse (30%,50% 75%)
    • Asymmetric collapse spiral dive
  • Spiral dive
    • Asymmetric Spiral
  • Full stall
  • Rolling and wing overs
  • Practicing your own maneuvers

$1380 for Friday to Sunday
$1080 for Freestyle pilots (must be able fly a perfect full stall and backfly)
If you book and pay before June 17 save 10%

Current HPAC insurance/membership, Reserve, life jacket (if you do not have one, let us know), hook knife (we sell them for $25), FRS/GMRS Family Radios.

This includes:
Camping site at Whitetail Lake, shuttles to the takeoff site, radios and basic PFD’s.

Dinners – Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Breakfasts and lunches – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Cost … will be updated as soon we get the price from Patrick Stettler, who will be the caterer.

Current HPAC insurance/membership, Reserve, life jacket (if you do not have one, let us know), hook knife (we sell them for $25), FRS/GMRS Family Radios.

**There is a limited number of spots for this event. To secure your spot, you must make a down payment of $250 prior to arrival and the full payment upon arrival. All payments can be made via e-transfer to: ( There is a $250 non-refundable charge, if cancelled after June 17 2019. We reserve the right to send any participant home, who does not follow instructions, putting themselves or others in danger.
For more information, email:

Happy, healthy and prosperous 2019 from
We are looking forward to a great new year with lots of adventures and flights!
Here is a video of Penny and Max flying into the new year!

The 2018/2019 Panorama Paragliding season has started.
If you plan to fly at Panorama, simply read the Panorama paragliding guidelines , then send me an e-mail with your HPAC number (including valid until date) and your paragliding level of experience to, in order to get the Panorama Paragliding waiver form. This form is required for you to get you special priced Panorama “ski/flying” ticket from guest services. For first time paraglider pilots to Panorama, we will need to set up a meeting prior to your first flight for an orientation of the take off/landing spots and review the rules.

Happy Holidays and all the best for 2019!
Max & Penny

Last weekend we hosted a PPG weekend here in Invermere. We had a total of 5 pilots show up and the weather turned out to be just great.

Friday late afternoon, we had the pilots flying around Invermere and Mt. Swansea. Saturday we flew to Radium and back over the wetlands and on Sunday we flew from Invermere to Fairmont Hot Springs and landed on the 6000 feet long runway.

Fairmont was amazing. Fairmont Resort picked us up at the airport, and shuttled us up to the resort for brunch. They later drove us back to the airport, where we took off again and flew back to Invermere.

All in all it was a very fun weekend and we will be hosting more of them in the future. We are also considering offering a PPG airport and radio procedures workshop for pilots who are not used to flying near, or to, airports.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up!

Here are a couple more pictures for those who  like to see more.