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Our 2.5 month South Africa family holiday was a blast and it was a very cool experience for the kids and me to get to know Penny’s stomping ground.
Thanks again to everyone we met and from Penny’s very close family members and friends and flying friends, you all made this an unforgettable holiday.

In my previous post we posted already a lot of pictures of the safaris and more and here just a couple more flying videos from the Garden Route.


Here is a quick update of our South Africa Trip.
The trip has been absolutely amazing and we are constantly on the move going from one adventure to the next.
Here is a short “Hike & fly” video when we were at Pierre Carter’s (xAlps ZA) parents place at Champagne Castle – Drakensberg.
Thanks again for Pierre to arrange this and many thanks to his parents Bill and Denise for their great hospitality.

Follow the link below for more “Hike & Fly” pictures.

Here are some more pictures of other activities in the Champagne Castle area

Before that we traveled from Johannesburg to the Krueger Park and we have a whole load of pictures at

We are now at the start of the “Garden route” and will add more pictures soon.

Erik, Katia, Penny and Max