webcamLate last fall we already installed the webcam and wind meter at Mt. Swansea. for a test run. Over the winter the battery got drained and froze up and the webcam and wind meter went into hibernation. A couple weeks ago I carried up a new car battery and the system woke up and is running fine since. Thanks to Jan, job well done. Also,

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please see all the credits in how this project got established and funded at We plan to have the webcam and wind meter running from mid April to mid November and shut it down over the winter. Besides the 2 webcams, we as pilots certainly enjoy the 2 wind meter links. One is to show the actual wind directions, speed and gusts and the 2nd with a 24 hour history to see what the overall wind development is. Jan is also working to create a page to view more historic data over the

month to come.  

West view of Mt. Swansea

[cam_images folder=”cam1″ count=”5″]  

South view of Mt. Swansea

[cam_images folder=”cam2″ count=”5″]