Launch site at Lake Annecy
Coupe Icare

The 2019
SIV in Annecy, Coupe Icare, Dolomite, Bavarian Alps and Oktoberfest Tour

The 2019 “Experience the Alps” tour will be a very exciting  3 week tour for pilots (and non-pilots) with combining:

  • SIV at Annecy – follow this link to see more about the facility and location
  • the Coupe Icare festival in St Hilare
  • flying in the Dolomite’s
  • flying over the German castles
  • and finish at the Oktoberfest in Munich.
Sept. 14 – 20SIV in Annecy 
Sept. 21 – 22Coupe Icare
Sept. 23 – 28Dolomite Tour with
Sept 29 – Oct 5Flying over the German castles
Last day of the excursion will be at the famous
Oktoberfest in Munich


  • $3450.00 –
    • Tour guide and transportation services of
    • Flying guide and instructions (flight planning, XC and scenic flights)
    • Organizing accommodations and dinning arrangements.
    • Includes pickup and drop-off from/at the airport and driving to all the venues.
  • 690.00 Euro – Annecy SIV course
    • This can be paid with a wire transfer to Christa Vogel – Flugschule Grenzenlos or pay to via an e-transfer.
  • 625.00 Euro for BlueSky’s Dolomite trip.
    • Includes transportation, guiding, breakfast, 5 course dinner and accommodations in a 5 star hotel.
    • This will be paid in cash at the office when we check in Sept. 23
Hotel Olympia in Araba
  • Other costs:
    • Accommodation in France, Austria and Germany vary between $30 – $70 a night (10 nights)
    • Gondola to launch site costs are about 10 Euro per ride and 7 Euro per ride in Annecey.
    • Non pilots only pay accommodations and meals and non of the course fees. For the Dolomite trip it will be about 300 Euro for the accommodations, breakfast and dinner .
  • Notes:
    • Flights should be booked to arrive in Geneva on Saturday Sept 14 and the flight back Oct 5rd from Munich.

Here are some photos and link of previous tours:

Max in the Dolomites
Schloss Neuschwanstein