Powered Paragliding Course

Knowledge and practice is the key. Our courses are designed to progressively guide through the steps to build your confidence and become a successful pilot.

You will start be learning the basic theory and at the same time you will practice the basics for takeoff without the engine. The next step is to get you in the air so we use a winch to simulate the takeoff, since the pull of the winch will give you a very similar feeling than the push of the engine. This way we can master takeoff and landings before we add power to our flights. We will also learn about safety around the engine before we go for a high flight.


To obtain an Ultralight Pilot Permit, Transport Canada requires the completion of

-20 hours of ground school
-Complete 30 solo flights
-5 hrs of flight time under instructor supervision
-Pass the ULTRA Transport Canada examination with at least 60%
-Medical class 1,3 or 4
-Get a letter of recommendation from your instructor

Learning how to fly powered paraglider under instructor’s guidance is essential for safe and continuous enjoyment of the sport.
My paramotor courses cover all you need to know to fly PPG safely. No previous flight experience is necessary.


Our PPG course is a 2 Step program.
Powered Paragliding is very similar with paragliding and we start all PPG lessons with our 5 day basic P1 Beginner Paragliding Rating course and then continue to a specific 6 day PPG course (June 12-17 2019).

Step 1
$1850.00 +GST per person for our 5 day P1 Beginner Rating

Step 2 
$2220.00 +GST per person for our 6 day PPG Course

*We have para-motor equipment for rent but we highly recommend to learn with your own equipment. It is always better to become familiar with your equipment during training and while under instructor supervision before starting to fly on your own. Discounts up to $400 available if you purchase  a paramotor from us. We are a dealer for Air Conception and Simplify PPG 

Send your self declared medical form (Category 4) to Transport Canada at least 40 days prior your practical lessons.

Scheduled flyingMax.com dates:
*Currently I only have on scheduled in June.