Easter Paragliding meet is coming up this weekend.
Panorama is having a “Spring Carnival” and asked us to get creative with our outfits. We are planning to get a banner or flag going as well. I hear some people will have some fun costumes and I can’t wait to see.

Depending on weather and wind, we will have some landings in the “tube park” just in front of the day lodge. So it will be great for spectators staying at the lodge as well.

Most of the landings and competition will be at the “Driving Range” (follow the Outrider run). We will have a target for the “Easter Eggs” (will be dropped at least 100 feet above ground) and target landing spot set up there as well.

We start Friday morning but most of the pilots will arrive during the day. Saturday and Sunday we meet at the day lodge at 9:00 am

Here are some pictures from last year.